Contractor list

License Renewal

The deadline to renew
City of Toledo
is January 31.

The deadline to renew
your Michigan license
is December 31.

Apprentice licenses for the
State of Michigan
are good from
September 1 to August 31.

Therefore, renewal
deadline for
Michigan licenses
for apprentices 
is August 31.

Email Addresses Wanted

The easiest way for us
to notify our members
about important
information is by email.

Please email us at
or call us at

We will not share
your email address
with any outside entities


Toledo Seagate Food
Bank Vouchers

Local 8 members who have been on the book for six weeks or longer are eligible for food vouchers from Toledo Seagate Food Bank.

For details click on
Toledo Seagate Food Bank .



A Transportation Worker Identification Credential, also known as a TWIC Card, is an identification card that
uses smart card technology to link the individual to the credential itself. The card is used by individuals who
need unescorted access to secure areas of a port, vessel or facility regulated by the Maritime Transportation
Security Act such as working at the docks in downtown Toledo or at Johns Manville in Waterville.

TWIC cards are valid all over the country, regardless of where it is obtained. It is a good idea to get a TWIC
card especially if you plan on  traveling. Also, members who are not on the book and are already working
should consider applying for a TWIC card. It could take up to 6 weeks to obtain your TWIC card.

Applying for a card  Contact Reliable Drug Testing Clinic at 419-537-1027. They will schedule an appointment
for you to complete the process at their office, (address is below). Applying this way will cost an additional $15,
(approximately $140.00 total cost) however, it is quicker.

You cannot get a TWIC card online; preliminary information is gathered, but the rest must be done in person. 
Applying online may actually take longer. (Approximate cost of the card is $125.25)

Renewing your card  Notices are not sent out. Individuals are responsible for knowing when their card expires.
If an individual renews their card before it expires, the cost is $86.50. If your card has expired, you will have to
apply for a new card.

Visit  or call them at (855) 347-8371 for additional information.

Toledo Location:

Reliable Drug Testing Clinic                                       Hours:
7610 New West Rd.                                                  Wednesday: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Toledo, OH 43617-4201                                            Thursday:  1:30 pm - 6:30 pm

The enrollment center is near the end of the street on the right (just before the cul-de-sac), and has three flag
poles in front of the entrance.




Good Union Members Respect ALL types of job actions

 A good union member is extremely careful when confronted with any type of job action.

  • He does not talk. ("Read the sign".)
  • He does not hang around near the job.
  • He reads the picket sign, handbill or banner as he leaves.
  • He knows that once a picket line is established, his business agents and other  union officials are legally gagged and handcuffed from giving advice pertaining to that job. They can only tell him if the picket line is authorized.
  • He does not allow himself to be drawn into conversations with anyone at the job site.

 A Good Union Member Knows His Rights

  • He has the right not to work behind any type of job action.
  • He has the right to decide for himself whether to walk off a job.
  • He understands that his trade may be under attack next.
  • He knows that a two-gate system means a picket line and he has the right not to work, no matter how many gates the employer sets up. 


Please read the following: 

Which side are you on?

Picketing has been described by the Supreme Court as “the working man’s means of communication.” A picket (or any type of job action) is a message to you that some of your fellow workers are engaged in a labor dispute and need your help. It is your constitutional right as an
American citizen to decide how you will respond. Under the law your union cannot help you make that decision. You can seek guidance only from your conscience, and then decide.

“Which Side Am I On?”


Ongoing Work In Our Jurisdiction