Attention Travelers

Local 8 has compiled a list
of hotels/campgrounds
in our area for travelers
who will be working out
of Local 8.
Visit Local 8 Hotels
for a listing.

Voluntary Recall on 3M DBI-SALA_


United Way Offers Assistance to Union Members

The United Way of Greater Toledo has programs available for Union Members who are laid off or out of work due to medical reasons.

Visit their website g/labor/programsandservices
for all the information or

Referral Office Hours:

8 am until calls
are filled.

(Monday - Friday)
All referrals will be
done by

telephone or
in person.

 Sign up times:
7:30 am to 4:00 pm

(Monday - Friday)

The referral office
is closed from
12 noon to 1 pm
for lunch.

Office phone:

Job Hot Line:

(Call job hot line
every evening

for next day's

job listings)

Resign anytime
between the
and 16th
of each month.

All referral rules
are subject
change without


Inside Journeyman
Wage Rate

$37.36/hour - Wage Rate
$12.72/hour - H&W
$5.50-$9.00/hour - Flex Pension

2016 Benefits
Reporting Periods

2017 Benefits
Reporting Periods 


City of Toledo License for Travelers

In order to work in the
City of Toledo
you must have a
Toledo License.
You can obtain a
Traveler Journeyman
license for a fee of $100.

The City of Toledo
also requires proper
documentation such as a
license from another state
or proof of completion
of a bona fide
apprenticeship program.

You may call the
City of Toledo,
Division of Building Inspection
at 419-245-1220
for more information.

It is not necessary to
have the license prior
to taking a call.

 When you take a call,
the referral office will
instruct you on how to
obtain the license.

This can be done
after you accept a
call through our hall.


Michigan License Required

Our jursidiction 
covers counties in
Northwest Ohio and
Southeast Michigan.

Some job sites in
Michigan will require
you to have a
State of Michigan

For information
regarding Michigan
licenses, contact
the Electrical Division
for Michigan Licenses
at 517-241-9320.
City of Oregon License


For information regarding MOST and MUST drug programs,
scroll to the bottom of this page.

Visit the Events and Local News pages under the Home tab for information
on Local 8 events, meetings, fundraisers, etc...

City of Toledo License Renewal - After hours license renewal available

Visit the Local New page under the Home tab for information.


 Local 8 is currently in need of Residential Journeymen who have a Toledo license.

If you are an Inside Wireman with a Toledo license and residential experience,
and are
interested in working as a Residential Wireman, please call the
hall at 419-666-8920 and speak to Ken Fischer or Bill Box.

2017 IBEW Bowling Tournament Hosted by IBEW Local 8
Local 8 will be hosting the 2017 IBEW Bowling Tournament. The dates are
June 9, 10, and 11.  The next meeting date is Wednesday, March 29th at 6 pm here at the hall.

If you have any questions, please email or call Roy B. Grosswiler at 419-419-8704,
Kevin Hurley at 419-704-7046 or Ray Struffolino at 419-261-2660.


Last update was at 4:25 pm on Thursday, March 23rd
Today's calls have been filled.  Calls ended on Page 305 Line 4.
Journeyman Inside Wireman Short Calls are as follows:
# of men Contractor Job site information
  There are no Short Calls
The 1st person for Short Calls on Book I is on page 281 line 1
The 20th person for Short Calls on Book I is on page 286 line 1
Journeyman Inside Wireman Regular Calls are as follows:
# of men Contractor Job site information
1 Koelsch Electric Kroger, Westland, MI, MI lic, Nites, Report to job Mon @ 10 pm
2 Romanoff Electric GM Alexis, NMA, 2nd shift (3:30 pm), 40 hrs, OSHA 10/30, Most Current, Dir. Dep., 
    Shop Fri after referral, Job starts Mon @ 2:30 pm
The 1st person on Book I is on page 231 line 3
The 10th person on Book I is on page 271 line 2
The 20th person on Book I is on page 277 line 2
The 30th person on Book I is on page 280 line 4
The last person on the book is on page 305 line 5 and is #116
There are currently 40 members inactive, working out of town
There are 385 Travelers on Book II.  The 20th person on Book 2 is on Page 34 Line 5
Residential Calls are as follows:
# of men Contractor Job site information
1 Sexton Electric SHORT CALL - Tecumseh, MI area, MI lic, Report job Mon @ 7 am
VDV Calls are as follows:  
# of men Contractor Job site information
  There are no VDV Calls
Visit the links below for
other work opportunities:


Referral Information

Daily Referral Schedule:
8:00 AM   Dispatcher will begin calling the first 20 for short calls, immediately followed by calling the top 20 for long calls.
9:30 AM   Dispatcher will post all calls on the website and recording going to the Book I Day Hall.
11:00 AM   Book I Phone in Day Hall; Short Calls first, then Long Calls.
12:00 - 1:00 PM     The Referral office is closed for lunch.
1:00 PM   Dispatcher will begin calling the top 20 in Book II for all Calls going through Book I .
2:00 PM   Book II Phone in Day Hall for all remaining calls.
 Vacation Policy
a. 10 Days notice must be given to the Referral office
b. Vacations may be ended early, with 1 week notice
c. Members will retain their page and line number while on vacation
d. Members on Vacation are not eligible for Short Calls
e. Vacations may be up to two weeks


Short Calls
a.   Will last a minimum of 1 day and a maximum of 14 calendar days.
b.   Will roll through the Book a maximum of 20 people per day.
c.   Any short calls going past 20 people will be filled at the 11:00 Day Hall.
d.   Short calls will be filled before Long calls.
e.   While working a short call, you are not eligible to take a long call.
f.   Anyone who is terminated for cause or who quits a short call will sign the back of the book.
g.   There are no nicks for short calls, either take the call that you are offered, or wait until they get through the Book again.
  i. Specialty calls such as welding, instrumentation, certified wind turbine, Nukes and Brush Wellman are exceptions.
  ii. All License calls, OSHA 10, 90% NMA, and Background checks are NOT exceptions.
  iii. Anyone taking a call that they do not qualify for, such as a license call when they do not have a license, upon rejection by the Contractor, shall sign the back of the Book.
h.   Short calls do not erase any nicks from your place on the Book.
i.   Upon successful completion of a short call, you must return your signed pinkie within 1 Business Day.



****** Medical Marijuana becomes Legal in Ohio on 9/6/2016 ******

But NOT in our workplace

Ohio has legalized the use of medical marijuana.  This becomes effective on September 6, 2016.  Medical marijuana will still remain an illegal substance in our workforce and anyone will be considered non-current if they test positive for use, regardless if a valid prescription is provided.  

This bill is very friendly to employers. The new law specifically allows for employers to maintain a drug-free workplace or zero-tolerance drug policy.  The bill also maintains an employer's right to terminate an employee who tests positive for marijuana.  Unemployment benefits are not required to be paid if a positive drug test is the reason for termination.

GLCA Medical Marijuana and legal opinion 


MOST Drug Screening
MUST Safety Drug

If you are currently unemployed and need a drug test packet, you can pick one up at the upstairs window at the hall within 2 months of your expiration date.

Please keep in mind that many contractors and customers require your test to be officially posted before you can be hired or go to work. The results of your test and online posting may take anywhere from 2 to 5 business days.

If you test through MOST while you are on the Book, you can turn in your receipt to the Referral office, immediatley after testing, for your $50 stipend. The stipend will be mailed to you and will take about two weeks

To check your MOST drug test date, you
can call the MOST automated system.
Dial 1-800-526-5390 and enter your full,
social security number as your ID,
followed by the # sign. This system is
available 24/7.

Click on MOST info  for
additional information.

MOST Clinic OH Listing - Local 8 jurisdiction 

 MOST NATIONAL Collection Sites-2.2017 

  If you believe that your drug testing
date is due to expire and you are currently working, be sure to check with your
employer and ask
them for a
drug screen packet.

If you currently are not working, see
Brenda in the Business Office
to pick up a renewal packet.

Remember, you must be current with the
MOST Substance Abuse Program
before you arrive on the job.

The MOST Substance Abuse Program IS reciprocal with the
MUST Safety Drug Program.

If you take a call with a Local that
contracts with MUST, you can have
your MOST profile sent to MUST.

Contact MOST at 1-877-522-6869
and ask them to forward your profile
onto MUST.

The union hall or your contractor will
have to register you with MUST.

If you are working for a contractor that uses
the MUST program and you have tested
with the MUST program, you can have
your profile updated in MOST.

Visit their website .
Enter your username (social security number, no spaces). Enter your password (first 4 digits of your social security number). Click on employee report card, print it and fax it to MOST at 913-281-3922.

Keep in mind that every Local has their own policy and procedures regarding drug programs.

So if you plan on traveling, you may
want to talk to the referral office of
each Local you visit to see what their
policy is regarding their
drug program.

Call Brenda at Local 8 if you have
any questions at 419-666-8920.