Referral Policies and Procedures
Aug 05, 2022

ERP Determination
* Due to the residency restrictions with solar calls, ERP 
determination will be based on the member's state residency
for the weeks which these calls are filled.
* During those weeks, non-residents of that state will be eligible
for ERP even if those calls go to Book 2 or beyond, unless other
non-solar calls go to Book 2 or beyond.
* If other non-solar calls go to Book 2 or beyond, non-residents
of that state will not be eligible for ERP that week.
Drug/Alcohol Testing
* Unless there is an Onsite Drug Test for the Job Call you are taking,
you will need to be MOST compliant. 
* The MUST drug test is reciprocal to the MOST system.  If you
are MUST current, you will need to bring  a printout of your
MUST profile to the jobsite.  You should also bring 2 forms of
ID to the jobsite with you.
* If a job requires OSHA 10 or OSHA 30, a Toledo, Michigan or Fire
Alarm License, it will be posted in the job call description.
* In an effort to better serve our members, contractors and customers,
Local 8 implemented a BID/DAY HALL/CALL BOOK
effective May 28, 2019. 
* After new jobs are posted in the evening on the job line and on
the website, a member can bid online, through a computer or mobile
device, or call the job line and enter "1" for Book 1 (all classifications)
to bid or enter "2" for Book 2 (all classifications) to bid.
* When placing a bid on the job line, please leave your name,
classification,  page and line number, as well as the job(s) you are
interested in.
* Bidding begins at 4:30 p.m. and will be closed at 7:30 am. We will 
still have a day hall so a member can come in anytime after 7:30 am  
to sign the day hall sheet.
Daily Referral Schedule
* At 8:00 am, the Dispatcher will call those who bid on Book 1 and 
those in the Day Hall.
* If calls are filled by the Bid List/Day Hall, no one will receive nicks.
* If calls have not been filled by the Bid List/Day Hall, then the Dispatcher 
will begin calling the Top 20 on Book 1.  Only people in the Top 20 will 
receive nicks if they do not accept a call.
* The website and job line will be updated, as early as possible, with 
any jobs remaining.
* After calling the Bid List/Day Hall/Top 20 on Book 1, the Dispatcher 
will begin calling the Bid List/Day Hall on Book 2, followed by calling the 
Top 20 on Book 2.  Only people in the Top 20 will receive nicks if they
do not accept a call.
Short Calls 
* Will last a minimum of 1 day and a maximum of 14 calendar days.
* Will roll through the book a maximum of 20 people per day.
* Will be filled before regular calls.
* While working a short call, you are not eligible to take a regular call.
* Anyone who is terminated for cause or who quits a short call will
sign the back of the book.
* There are no nicks for short calls, either take the call that you are   
offered or wait until they get through the book again.
* Specialty calls such as welding, instrumentation, certified wind turbine, 
Nukes and Brush Wellman are exceptions.
* All license calls, OSHA 10 and background checks are NOT 
* Anyone taking a call that they do not qualify for, such as a license
call when they do not have a license, upon rejection, shall sign the 
back of the book.
* Short calls do not erase any nicks from your place on the book.
* Upon successful completion of a short call, you must return your   
signed pinkie within 1 business day.
* If you do not return your signed pinky within 1 business day, you will
lose your position on the book and must re-register in person.
Inactive Status
* Applicants on the book can request "inactive" status if currently
employed out of town and making monthly reciprocity payments to the
Toledo Electrical Welfare Fund.  
* Verification may be required in the form of a referral and/or check stub
to verify the start/end date of employment.  The "inactive" member may
request to go active anytime, but not later than 10 calendar days after
their employment ends. 
*  If the inactive member does not notify referral of their "out of town
termination" with the 10 day period, they will forfeit their position on the
Book and have to sign the back of the Book.  
* Once a member returns to active status, the member may only go inactive
again if employed with a different referral.
Inactive Status due to Medical Condition
* Applicants on the Book can be medically "inactive" upon written
documentation from a licensed physician.  
* The medically "inactive" member may return to active status when fully released by a licensed physician.
* 10 days notice must be given to the Referral office.
*  Vacations may be ended early, with 1 week notice.
*  Members will retain their page and line number while on vacation.
*  Members on vacation are not eligible for Short calls.
*  Vacations may be up to two weeks. 
* The first time you log into the website, enter the following information:
Password = Last name (in all caps) - last 4 of your SSN
* To find your registration information (Book, Page and Line #), click the 
Bid Button at the bottom of the Job calls & Announcements Page.  Upon
logging in, your registration information will be listed under Job Calls 
& Announcements.

More Information:
Re-sign Instructions
Local 8 Jurisdiction
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