Referral Policies and Procedures
Jun 14, 2022
Drug/Alcohol Testing
* Unless there is an Onsite Drug Test for the Job Call you are taking,
you will need to be MOST compliant.   
* The MUST drug test is reciprocal to the MOST system.  If you 
are MUST current, you will need to bring  a printout of your
MUST profile to the jobsite.  You should also bring 2 forms of
ID to the jobsite with you.
* If a job requires OSHA 10 or OSHA 30, a Toledo, Michigan or Fire
Alarm License, it will be posted in the job call description.
* In an effort to better serve our members, contractors and customers,
Local 8 implemented a BID/DAY HALL/CALL BOOK
effective May 28, 2019. 
* After new jobs are posted in the evening on the job line and on 
the website, a member can bid online, through a computer or mobile  
device, or call the job line and enter "1" for Book 1 (all classifications)  
to bid or enter "2" for Book 2 (all classifications) to bid. 
* When placing a bid on the job line, please leave your name, 
classification,  page and line number, as well as the job(s) you are 
interested in.
* Bidding begins at 4:30 p.m. and will be closed at 7:30 am. We will 
still have a day hall so a member can come in anytime after 7:30 am  
to sign the day hall sheet.
Daily Referral Schedule
* At 8:00 am, the Dispatcher will call those who bid on Book 1 and 
those in the Day Hall.
* If calls are filled by the Bid List/Day Hall, no one will receive nicks.
* If calls have not been filled by the Bid List/Day Hall, then the Dispatcher 
will begin calling the Top 20 on Book 1.  Only people in the Top 20 will 
receive nicks if they do not accept a call.
* The website and job line will be updated, as early as possible, with 
any jobs remaining.
* After calling the Bid List/Day Hall/Top 20 on Book 1, the Dispatcher 
will begin calling the Bid List/Day Hall on Book 2, followed by calling the 
Top 20 on Book 2.  Only people in the Top 20 will receive nicks if they 
do not accept a call.
* All calls will be filled in order by Book, Page & Line number
Short Calls 
* Will last a minimum of 1 day and a maximum of 14 calendar days;
* Will roll through the book a maximum of 20 people per day;
* Will be filled before regular calls;
* While working a short call, you are not eligible to take a regular call;
* Anyone who is terminated for cause or who quits a short call will 
sign the back of the book;
* There are no nicks for short calls, either take the call that you are   
offered or wait until they get through the book again;
* Specialty calls such as welding, instrumentation, certified wind turbine, 
Nukes and Brush Wellman are exceptions;
* All license calls, OSHA 10 and background checks are NOT 
* Anyone taking a call that they do not qualify for, such as a license
 call when they do not have a license, upon rejection, shall sign the 
back of the book;
* Short calls do not erase any nicks from your place on the book;
* Upon successful completion of a short call, you must return your   
signed pinkie within 1 business day.
Vacation Policy
* 10 days notice must be given to the Referral office.
*  Vacations may be ended early, with 1 week notice.
*  Members will retain their page and line number while on vacation.
*  Members on vacation are not eligible for Short calls.
*  Vacations may be up to two weeks. 
* The first time you log into the website, enter the following information:
Password = Last name (in all caps) - last 4 of your SSN
* To find your registration information (Book, Page and Line #), click the 
Bid Button at the bottom of the Job calls & Announcements Page.  Upon
logging in, your registration information will be listed under Job Calls 
& Announcements.


More Information:
Re-sign Instructions
Local 8 Jurisdiction
IBEW Local 8
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